DIAXON plant produces most types of BOPP film and it has
a specialized Quality Control laboratory of technical applications
for the development of new products and back–up technical support to customers.

Strong presence in the Petrochemical Sector

DIAXON plant

The production process is fully automated and the equipment is of the most up to date and sophisticated technology in BOPP film production.


Responsibility to the Environment

BOPP film and Environment

BOPP film is produced from Polypropylene resins without the use of harmful chemicals or solvents. Products are environmentally friendly, non-toxic and recyclable.


Contemporary production facilities

Quality Assurance

DIAXON’s Quality Management System for design and production is certified with BS EN ISO 9001: 2015 and it’s production is certified with BRC/Iop Global Standards for Packaging and Packaging Materials.


Premium quality polypropylene film

Our products

HPfilm Coextruded (CO-3-X)

Both sides heat sealable film for a wide variety of food packaging applications.

HPfilm Metallized (ME-3-X)

Metallized, heat sealable film for food packaging applications.

HPfilm Metallized (MEHB)

Metallized, heat sealable film with improved sealability for a variety of food packaging applications

HPfilm Matte (MATA-3-X)

Matte heat sealable film for a variety of food packaging applications.

HPfilm Matte (MALT-X)

Matt side heat sealable with low sealing temperature and other side treated coextruded film suitable for food packaging applications.

HPfilm Label Wrap Around (PL-LA3-X)

Non heat sealable film suitable for wrap around bottle labels.

HPfilm White (LEFK-3-X)

Both sides heat sealable, white opaque film for a variety of applications.

HPfilm Pearl (PERL-3-X)

Both sides heat sealable, pearlized film for food packaging applications.

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