About Us

About Us

DIAXON is a 100% subsidiary of Hellenic Petroleum SA and producer of polypropylene film (BOPP) in Greece. Hellenic Petroleum Group has a strong presence in the Greek petrochemical sector and significant export activities. These activities are driven by the Petrochemicals production units, which are located in the Industrial Complex of Thessaloniki and at DIAXON’s plant in  Komotini’s industrial park. The modern facilities, the quality of products and the fulfillment of various market requirements, have established the company’s competitiveness and leadership in the Mediterranean region. The sales and transport of both Petrochemicals and BOPP film activities are coordinated and performed by Hellenic Petroleum’s commercial team.

Petrochemical Activities

Hellenic Petroleum is primarily focused on the vertical integration the refining sector. The Main petrochemical products provided are propylene, polypropylene and solvents. The raw material used to produce polypropylene is propylene, which is produced in the Aspropyrgos refinery and is transported by cargo ships to the Industrial Complex of Thessaloniki. The production of polypropylene is based on the Basell technology, which is internationally evaluated as one of the top. Based on the contribution to the Group’s results, the vertically integrated value chain of propylene and polypropylene constitutes one of the Group’s main activities. Particular importance is given to the export of chemical products, as approximately 60% of sales volume is directed to the Turkish, Italian, Iberian and Balkan markets where they are used as raw materials for local plastics industries.

DIAXON plant

The BOPP film plant is located in Komotini’s Industrial Park and has been in full operation since 2000. Both production lines are based on the BRUCKNER technology and produce a wide range of BOPP film (plain, coextruded, metallized, white, pearlized, etc.). The plant includes a specialized Quality Control &Technical Applications laboratory, for the development of new products and technical support to customers. The production process is fully automated, and the equipment is based on the most updated and sophisticated BOPP film production technology.

Quality assurance

Our highly specialized personnel continuously monitors the quality of our production, ensuring that it meets customers’ specifications within the framework of legislative requirements. Diaxon’s Quality Management System for design and production is certified with the BS EN ISO 9001: 2015 standard and its production is certified with the BRC/IoP Global Standard for Packaging and Packaging Materials.

BOPP Film Activities

Part of the polypropylene produced in Thessaloniki is used by the BOPP film production plant of DIAXON in Komotini. BOPP film is the most widely used film in quality packaging internationally. The BOPP film market in Greece has been exhibiting significant annual growth rates in the recent years, due to its increased use as a substitute of other materials (e.g. cellophane), and the general demand for upgrading the quality of packaging in food and other products. The rapid expansion of the BOPP film market and applications is due to the combination of mechanical and visual properties of the product, offering the potential for demanding printing projects, mechanical processing, attractiveness and endurance. The main applications of BOPP film are to be found in food and cigarette packaging, adhesive strips, laminations, etc. Today, the requirements of the Greek domestic market are mostly covered by Hellenic Petroleum’s BOPP film.

BOPP film and the Environment

The BOPP film is produced by polypropylene resins without the use of harmful chemicals or solvents. The production process has been designed in such a way so as to recycle and re-use film remnants. BOPP film is an inert material, without impact on foodstuffs or other packaged products.

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