Corporate Policy


Our vision is to be the leaders in the Greek market of biaxially oriented polypropylene film (BOPP), establishing our brand name synonymous to high quality.

Our mission is to produce high quality products, serving our customers in the Greek and the international markets with efficiency and innovation.

Our quality policy aims to maximize customer satisfaction in every touch point, through continuous improvement of the provided quality of products and services.

Diaxon implements the Quality Systems, ISO 9001: 2015 Quality System and BRC / IOP, fully in line with its needs and objectives.

All of us, in DIAXON SA, commit ourselves to implement and continuously improve the Quality System’s efficiency by ISO 9001: 2015 and BRC / IOP, ensuring all the necessary resources.

Our core business action lines:

  • Adaptation to the requirements of current legislation regarding products and the operation of the company, hygiene, safety and environmental protection.
  • Maximization of customers’ satisfaction.
  • Compliance with the hygiene and safety measures by the employees and/or the attendees at the company's premises.
  • Continuous education and awareness of the employees to ensure high level of expertise in quality and safety.
  • Continuous upgrading and utilizing technology to make it more efficient
  • Continuous exploitation and upgrading of technology to improve operational efficiency.
  • Minimization of failures during work
  • Reduction of energy consumption (natural gas, water and electricity) to decrease production costs and to protect the environment.
  • The precise implementation and continuous improvement of the Quality System's efficiency by ISO9001: 2015 and BRC / IOP.
  • Seamless collaboration with the Authorities and the relevant institutions and organizations.
  • Continuous measuring of key performance indicators for quality and safety to further achieve higher targets.
  • Establishment of communication channels (internal and external) to exchange information and experiences.
  • Continuous maintenance, monitoring and upgrading of Quality Systems.
  • Identification of business environment and analysis of threats and opportunities for appropriate decision-making.